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Sometimes itís hard seeing the value in a site like Gotraveldirect because we all want to get the cheapest deal and cut out the middle man. The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the middle man is worth the convenience fee or not. In my case, Gotraveldirect was the middle man and totally worth every penny. It was a smart move for me.

There are a lot of sites out there that promote they have the best prices when it comes to travel, hotel, and rental car deals. I think this is interesting considering that they are all pulling from the same database and many of them are owned by the same company. The truth is, when you travel there is no loyalty anymore to any travel agent or booking agent. These actual professions have become virtually extinct (at least within middle America) due to the ease of use with sites like priceline or Gotraveldirect.

Just last summer, my wife and I were looking into some new ideas for summer vacations. We have three kids which makes it a little harder for us but we thought weíd all be so much happier if I starting using my Christmas Bonus towards a summer vacation every year. The simple trick was to try and find a family or five a vacation for less than $5,000. I had been working very hard to get that bonus and every year it was going to things like fixing the porch or paying bills. We were at a point where the mortgage was paid off and I was making enough per year to keep the house up to shape. I wanted to find out what our options were and so I tried checking out kayak before any of the others since they are supposed to have some master list of all the major website offers. What I found out with them was that every offer pops up in a new window and itís very hard to navigate through all of that. In fact, I couldnít even search based on my own criteria. It was all about the price and individual destinations as opposed to the budget and destination I had laid out. I decided that wasnít the best option for me and thought I was going to need an actual travel agent which I knew could be costly. I also didnít want the cost of a travel agent cutting into my vacation budget. It just didnít seem right and then a friend told me about Go travel direct so I gave it a shot.

I was stunned at how easy it was to search for exactly what I wanted on Gotraveldirect so I gave it a shot. I found direct flights to Cancun with an all inclusive vacation for only $3,700 which was like a dream come true. The destination was beautiful and my family had such a great time. We owe it all to Gotraveldirect and I canít say enough good things about them.

When people have a big trip coming up, most of them donít set up their airline, hotel and car rental separately. In fact, usually people go online and set up all three with the same website.  While most of these sites like Gotraveldirect are much more convenient than the original way of organizing your travel, I set out on a mission to look at the different sites and find which is the most efficient and best.

Personally, I say give it a chance and hope that it works out. Good Luck!